2014 Winter Olympics and Full Disclosure

The media coverage leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics looked like full disclosure of risk factors in an SEC filing, ranging from risks of terrorist attacks to the lack of shower curtains in hotels in Sochi.  Some things never change, and 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are almost as politically charged as 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow.  However, the opening ceremony in Sochi offered a different kind of full disclosure – full disclosure of Russia’s rich history and its fascination with the arts.  Sochi showcased Russia’s musical, literary, and dance traditions that all came together as pieces of one beautiful puzzle in the opening ceremony.  Although it will still take a lot of work to turn Sochi, a Soviet-era summer resort, into a first class venue, the 2014 Olympic Games are the first step in this direction, with the opening ceremony reminding us that sport and arts transcend politics.